Monday, June 19, 2017

Star Trek Discovery Trailer and Fun Facts

What can we expect from Star Trek Discovery?

 1. Starfleet and Klingons clash in the first trailer for 'Star Trek: Discovery'
2. We see Captain Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) and First Officer Michael Burnham "Number One"(Sonequa Martin-Green) trekking over sandy dunes on a remote planet, before beaming up to a Starfleet vessel.
3. We get a look at new Starfleet uniforms and new Klingons.

 The "new aliens" were preserved during a cryogenic sleep and now everyone knows they're Klingons except for one inescapable fact.....



Just look at his hands.......   Monsters! Agggghhhhh!!!!!!!!! 

4. A mysterious "object of unknown origin" on the far reaches of Federation space leads to an engaging encounter with Klingons...
5. What ship is Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs) in charge of? For the first time ever, the lead character won’t be the captain. Its No 1. Take a good look because here's Sonequa Martin-Green in 3 leading action scenes.


NO 1

6. How many captains are there one or two?
7. Klingons don't take prisoners and Starfleet doesn't fire first. It seems the USS Discovery NCC 1031 will face inescapable conflict. The Federation is at war with Klingons.
8. How will hand to hand combat play out when aliens "beam aboard" and want to get physical?


9. No Worf. A theater critic expanded on statements made to Trekmovie that less than 1 percent of what Michael Dorn made in his last contract as Worf was offered for him to appear in the new show.
10. When asked whether the show will premiere in the fall, CBS Interactive President Marc DeBevoise simply said, “We’re not stating.”
11. Set 10 years before the original series “new crews,” “new villains,” “new heroes,” and “new worlds” We know Iconic characters like Kirk, Spock might appear, Sarek (James Frain) has been cast.  So that sets the year around 2255 with the new show bridging the gap between Enterprise and the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 crew.


12. Star Trek: Discovery has expanded its original series order to fifteen episodes continuing to push the boundaries where no aliens have gone before... Apparently, there's an incident in Star Trek history that's been talked about but never explored? Maybe the Redshirts know? A lot happens around the year 2255 in trek's timeline... Do you know what it is?

It's been confirmed that it's not Axanar, the Kobayashi Maru, or the Romulan war. So what sectors of alien space does that leave us in the galaxy to check out? Its a big place ain't it?

Live Long and Prosper.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Star Treks Starships Going Badly or Boldly?

NX-01 Enterprise
USS Chekov NCC-57302
USS Constellation NCC-1017      
USS Constitution NCC-1700
USS Defiant NX-74205
USS Enterprise NCC-1701
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E
USS Excelsior NCC-2000
USS Jenolan NCC-2010
USS Pasteur NCC-58928           
USS Stargazer NCC-2893
USS Yamato NCC-71807  
USS Voyager NCC-74656
USS Discovery NCC 1031
USS Shenzhou

Heres a list of deep space, high tech, high spec, diplomatic, warp speed starships. At least 12 are battle cruisers commissioned by Starfleet on planet Earth since the Federations charter in 2161. Impressive isn't it?

The most famous starships in Earth history are the USS Enterprise ships - designed by Matt Jefferies and Andrew Probert seen here with the show's creator Gene Roddenberry.... but let's not forget Dr. Richard Daystrom who went completely mad designing computer systems, poor chap. The USS Enterprise represented true hope, vast technology, and service to humankind.

Now we're getting a new starship USS Discovery as producers at CBS Studios re-invent Star Trek's Prime universe without hopefully making a complete hash of Trek's timeline....So what in tarnation is going on?

I believe Star Treks problems can best be encapsulated by looking at just one STARSHIP!

The Enterprise NX 01!

So much was right about it. Doug Drexler's Enterprise styling was sensational despite getting canned by 7 time Emmy winner Dan Curry. Even today Enterprise NX-01 CGI exterior looks good. They even got the length right at 235 meters, the new Enterprise NX-01 is a bit smaller than Captain Kirks Enterprise NCC 1701 and a lot smaller than Captain Picard's flagship.

The name is cool too... Coming over for some Enterprise babe? ....(not a bad pick up line) surprise your friends with a trekkie goodie bag, for watching Star Trek at your place... Enterprise NX-01 was almost certainly the best W5 starship United Earth ever made...and riddled with faults. Chief among which is that important component called simply.... the engine.

When the Enterprise NX-01 was being designed CBS had access to the most advanced Warp propulsion engineering on the planet (USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D)  Ever wonder why Captain Picard starship (USS Enterprise-D) was able to travel an impressive 2.7 million light years away from earth in minutes? compared to USS Voyager's NCC-74656 mere 70,000 light year trip into the Delta Quadrant?

Picards Warp 9.9 starship engine was and still is a magnificent engine. Light, compact, powerful and endlessly tunable and reliable so it was a natural CBS would use it in the Enterprise NX-01, right? Nope. Sadly not, CBS (Herman Zimmerman, Brannon Braga and Rick Berman) decided it would be far better to create a new warp engine based on Zefram Cochranes Phoenix test flight in 2063. As ideas go this was a bad one.

The engine that resulted was not magnificent at all and took United Earth 32 years to create a theoretical maximum speed of 4.5! Enterprise NX-01's engine had lots of problems. It wouldn't stay cool and when it got hot which it did the ship was close to blowing up. In engineering terms it was a disaster.... as a result Star Treks Enterprise series was withdrawn after 4 years in 2005 and killed off before hitting its 100 episode. 

Its mad the "5 captains" starships were all part of the same company! So why didn't Enterprise NX-01 use one of the tried and tested USS Enterprise NCC 1701 engine?

So now heres the greatest battle of them all. The USS Discovery NCC 1031 vs USS Shenzhou. Deciding which is worst is like deciding which part of your brain you want amputated.



I'd give the Shenzhou Commander Burnham one mark just for sounding tough with the Aliens. (Tiny Print). USS Discovery gets two marks for effort at least those guys are being original by copying Ralph McQuarries Spaceship design. So there you have it.

The Enterprise NX-01 wins, it's worse than the Shenzhou and the USS Discovery NCC 1031 which must make it one of worse starships ever made. - 98 episodes of Star Trek Enterprise are still running on TV!! Do you feel a sense of pride? Which starship is your least favorite and why?

Live Long and Prosper.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Evil Captain Kirk vs Salt Vampire Star Trek Fanfiction

Here's some Star Trek FanFiction fun I wrote using Elephant Child's word prompts from last week, I hope you have good fun reading it.


 The weak yellow sunlight from Celtrus Prime glistened under Evil Captain Kirks shuttle. Crew hands punched buttons and prayed bracing for impact. "PULL UP, PULL UP" chimed the computer...until disaster struck. The shuttlecraft crashed into the murky sand dunes with all hands lost save one. Kirk gasped as explosive bolts punctured a perfect miniature oval in the hull letting in air. So much time had passed, was he dead? On the viewscreen, a terrifying Salt Vampire was approaching at FTL speed. In a sensational twist, Captain Kirk mind was tapped by the creature's powerful mind. Nancy Kramer latest tenacious brainwashing techniques resurrected Captain James Tiberius Kirk from the dead! Now Kirk was alive!!! A sudden rush of violent delirium swept over the mad Captains mind as the Salt Vampires mind-meld grew even stronger! Nancy wants to finish me off, NEVER? Let the games begin,


I'm Captain Kirk!!! I am! I'm Kirk! I'M CAPTAIN KIRK!!! 

Trembling, Kirk realizes Nancy wants a sudden showdown. The(Salt Vampire) would have to wait until nightfall.

 "I'M CAPTAIN KIRK" Fighting off the Vampires evil mind-meld, Kirk starship USS Enterprise NCC 1701, keeps his quirky faltering mind alive with burning fire, until Nancy's grand entrance.

 "I'M CAPTAIN KIRK" yells Kirk, instinctively outraged at the evil dark shadow hanging over him in the air.


SHALL WE BEGIN?   Thats all folks, sure hope you enjoyed the fun. Don't be shy to let me know how sucky my writing is because as I'm sure you've noticed, I had to borrow a few phrases from Star Trek's classic "The Man Trap" Still, my plot is original in a half trekked out kind of way, LOL.

Live Long and Prosper!

This week's prompts are:




Monday, May 29, 2017


 Here's another Star Trek Discovery trailer with impressive CGI. We know Netflix bought trek's global streaming rights for CBS' new Sci-Fi series, #StarTrekDiscovery. Headhonchos must be pretty confident Star Trek Discovery will yield latinum bars for CBS and Netflix! right?  Here's why...

DOUG JONES AKA LT SARU, SONEQUA MARTIN-GREEN AKA LT COMMANDER MICHAEL BURNAM , Michelle Yeoh aka Captain Georgiou all aboard the U.S.S. Shenzhou

 On July 2016, CBS Studios International licensed the series to Netflix for release outside the United States and Canada, a "blockbuster" deal that paid for the show's entire budget. At around $6–7 million per episode, the series' high allowance is attributed to the importance of Star Trek as one of CBS's "crown-jewel franchises", and CBS's need for the series to be "the marquee selling point for subscriptions" to All Access. -wikipedia-

 The question remains what type of Star Trek series are Star Trek fans getting? Well Trekkers, its trek showtime! Feast your eyes on Discovery's heavy hitters rocking the universe. So what are we getting? BATTLE STATIONS! RED ALERT!!!!

In the real world Discovery is loaded with tons of acting ability but what about personality to boldly flesh out Gene Roddenberry's action packed optimistic future? .....filled with humanism, and desire to reason out strange unknowns stacked against incredible alien odds when racing against time at emergency warp speeds,

 Here are some classic series examples:  The Devil in the Dark, The Trouble with Tribbles, Amok Time, Arena, Mirror Mirror, and of course City on the Edge of Forever.

 Trek's "50th anniversary" San Diego Comic-Con, revealed Star Trek Discovery has been developed with the Prime Timeline in mind to keep current movies and the now seven TV series completely separate. To boldly go where no-one has gone before!


The video action sequence of "Captain Georgiou of the U.S.S. Shenzhou" proves shes definitely in the middle a crises. She will I believe have to "Picard her geekspeak up" If Georgiou expects to communicate to dark alien life-forms without even firing off a shot!



 "Forget the Picard, "Kirk" attitude is required here, which is exactly what First Officer, Lt Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) of the USS Discovery is yelling about. "WE TARGET ITS NECK AND C*T OFF ITS H**D!" okay so she can be forgiven for having an emotional outburst about taking drastic measures... I mean, aren't these powerful words to hear in Star Trek?..... but that's Show biz!....

Is it possible for CBS producers to cross the line in Science Fiction? Is Star Trek Discovery appealing to a horror Sci-Fi (mature audience) with this sort of drama?


Now ask yourself....Why man has ceased squabbling, embraced reason, tolerance and rejected violence exercising goodwill, cherishing art and science, respect towards other lifeforms and is trying to spread a welcome spirit of humanity in Star Trek's current TV shows. Its not hard to believe why people would like to live or work in a decent environment like that. These were some of Gene Roddenberry's ideals depicting Star Treks place in the future.

Now with the arrival of Star Trek Discovery are we up ending the bottle of Sci-Fi Horror all for the sake of some fun and a few dollars more? Star Trek is one of the last barometer of the Wests Social justice for all but heres the thing...

"You can be serious about Star Trek - but Star Trek doesn't take itself too seriously" 


Whose got the moxy to make the first move? How will these ANGRY KLINGONS react? BECAUSE they're definitely on about something, or is Starfleet's true blue diplomacy the answer.... seriously would Gene Roddenberry have given the green light or Barrack O'Bama who's a "sucker for Star Trek" have given the Presidential Executive Order to fire on the Klingons, all for the sake of producing good drama?

AWWWW c'mon!!!!! Wheres our humanity??? on the other hand... should the USS Shenzhou OR the USS Discovery go after the Klingons? Is it time to set our phasers on KILL or STUN

I'm kicking the ball over to you guys, so you decide but decide you MUST!
KILL or STUN the Klingons? Its a tough cookies if we get caught in the crossfire! 




Is Starfleet's precious United Federation of Planets going to break its own Prime Directive? War or Peace? When Star Trek Discovery hits the airwaves later this year, trekkers can be sure this show will be really something worth looking out for.

Which side of Star Trek's human adventure do you want to see in a new TV show like Star Trek Discovery?  

1. Where's our humanity or 
2. Lets go find some Klingons and target Aliens for gunslinging practise?
3.  Suggest one of your own!

Live Long and Prosper!

Monday, May 22, 2017


Who's the hottest female alien in Star Trek? Haven't you ever wondered? The Andorians in Star Trek Enterprise is a great place to start so lets get the ball rolling....

K'Ehleyr who wasn't a full Klingon,(father was Klingon/mother was human) was Worf's (Michael Dorn's) mate in Star Trek TNG and definitely among the sexiest!

Another Fan favorite by popular demand scored No.3 on ranker is our lovely Vulcan T'Pol from the Star Trek: Enterprise series. I didn't cheat, I chose these babes from memory.


Here are 12 Star Trek female Aliens to help you answer my sci-fi quiz below: (I've thrown in a curveball to see if I can catch you out, hehe)

    1. Saavik (Vulcan) (Kirstie Alley) and (Robin Curtis) but which Star Trek movies established these celebrities in the glitz and glamor of showbusiness?
    2. Derran Tal of the Varro (Musetta Vander)
    3. Kelinda of the Kelvan (Barbara Bouchet)
    4. Droxine of the Ardanan (Dianna Ewing)
    5. Kellin of the Ramuran (Star Trek Voyager) (Virginia Madsen)
    6. Carol Marcus aka Carol Wallace (Alice Eve) She used her Alien identity to gain entry aboard the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 with forged documents. I know, Alien Identity is a Technicality - she's totally human not Alien!
    7 Kriosian females are quite sexy. Kaitaama was a Krios Princess who fell for "Trip" Tucker in (Star Trek Enterprise)  (Padma Lakshmi). That rogue bagged scored got all the dames including T'Pol!
    8 Kamala (in Star Trek TNG).  (Famke Janssen) Poor Picard, the guy had to beat her advances off!  "Nothing. Nothing lies beneath! I'm... I'm really... quite dull."
    9. Bajoran women are quite sexy what with Kira Nerys, Ro Laren and Leeta
    10. The "Q" female Amanda Rogers, (Olivia d'Abo) who had believed that she was human
    11. Jaylah  (Sofia Boutella) is introduced as a member of the "Jaylah's Species" but in which Star Trek movie? Remember Jaylah knows why we're all here!
    12. Eleen of the Capella (played by Julie Newmar )


7 of 9 (Jeri Ryan) needs no mention, of course, 7 is very sexy -  despite being assimilated by the Borg, she's classified as a cybernetic human not an Alien but who's complaining?


Bronwyn Gail Robinson, played by Teri Hatcher, was a smashing looking human Transporter operator in Star Trek TNG. You may remember the outrageous Okona tried to charm her into bed.


Listed above are 12 of Star Trek's female aliens. 

Who do you believe starred in these Star Trek Movies? 

  • Star Trek Beyond, 
  •  Star Trek The Wrath of Khan,
  •  Star Trek Into Darkness

Live Long and Prosper!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Here's Chris Pine doing his level best impersonation of William Shatner's Captain Kirk on a Saturday Night Live skit, titled " Star Trek Lost Episode." Just when you thought, hmmm Star Trek can't get any worse, right? You were wrong! We all were. Spock's cousin Spocko keeps saying "Now that's a Star Trek" OMYGAWD. So here's a spoof imitation (aboard the supreme USS Enterprise NCC 1701) with all the usual bridge crew suspects. Heres some good laughs with co-star Trekkies who did a brilliant job of being completely rubbish. But hey double time out, is that a fair judgment? you guys decide just how badly they sucked or.....maybe you loved them.

Live Long and Prosper

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Here's a quick rundown on Star Trek Discovery. New starships, new characters and new missions boldly exploring wild futuristic adventures and designs. You've probably heard the series will be distributed by CBS in 188 countries worldwide on CBS "ALL ACCESS" later this year, apparently. Thirteen episodes are in preproduction but when will CBS deliver? The crew of the USS Discovery NCC 1031 continues to grow with new faces. So let's see who's signed up.

Star Trek just wouldn't be the same without the Klingon Warrior Way right? We need strength, combat, and brave aliens with ridges, spiky teeth ready to leap into action.


"Each series is such a classic thing, but also such an innovative thing"

1. Claire McConnell is Deannas playing a leader in the Klingon Empire.

2. Damon Runyan is playing another Klingon "Ujilli" who is also a leader in the Klingon Empire.

3. Kenneth Mitchell is taking over as commanding Officer "Kol" in the Klingon Empire -

4. Shazad Latif was originally cast as Klingon "Kol" but he's been recast. Speculation has it, Latif is allergic to Klingon make-up. The latest is Shazad Latif stars as Lieutenant Tyler - a Starfleet Officer with unknown duties.


1. It's official Jason Isaacs is Captain Lorca commander of USS Discovery NCC 1031

2. Sonequa Martin-Green plays the "main character" First Officer Michael Burnham but who's really calling the shots?.

3. Doug Jones is playing Alien Science Officer Lt. Saru.

4. Newly announced Rekha Sharma plays Security Officer as Commander Landry. She previously starred in Battlestar Galactica, The 100, Star Trek Continues (Fan Film.)

5. Anthony Rapp stars as Science Officer Lt Stamets and Astromycologist. (Expert in Alien Fungus)

6. Mary Wiseman stars as Cadet Tilley in her final year at Starfleet Academy USS SHENZHOU. Double wowsers, doesn't she look great!

7. Michelle Yeoh is Captain Georgiou of the U.S.S. Shenzhou.

8. Maulik Pancholy plays the Chief Medical Officer Dr Nambue

9. Sam Vartholomeos plays a junior officer as Ensign Connor.

SENIOR OFFICER IN CHARGE OF THE DISCOVERY OR SHENZHOU IN STAR THE SECTOR. The UFP (2161) original founders included Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites and Earthers.

10. Terry Serpico stars as Admiral Anderson.   SO WHO ELSE IS THERE?

11. Of course, braggadocious Harry Mudd! That's who... we sure can't forget cunning, crafty, Harry Mudd. Rain Wilson has this honor! Restoring Mudd's beloved character known for all his fast slim-shady wheeler-dealer tricks Roger C Carmel established in Star Trek classic timeline won't be easy, hehe. Then there are Mudd's dazzling women with all their vivacious curves, how he handles the smuggling trade in Star Trek Discovery along with the rest of his bag of tricks, only time will tell. So you decide!!!

Star Trek Discovery will attempt to draw upon ENTERPRISE and Star Trek Classic TV shows to give it a late Enterprise angle but early Classic Series appeal. 

Will any of these trek assets with new actors, new adventures sprinkled with classic characters produce a Star Trek show that you'll want to watch? 

What do you think? Do we need more Harry Mudd characters?

 Live Long and Prosper!
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